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Rediscover your inner desires during life's transitions with our custom-crafted essential oil based self-care rituals to elevate your mind, body, and soul.

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An ethos of self-care at every turn in every woman’s life…Discover yours now


An Aromatherapist. A Mompreneur. A Self-Care Guide. Ishita dons many hats.

But her passion lies in crafting Aromatherapy-inspired skincare and wellness rituals tailored to every phase of a woman’s life, bringing her closer to her desire for health, healing, and happiness.

Unlock the potential of your holistic well-being and embark on a transformative journey of self-care with Ishita. 

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Why Arezou

Arezou, a Persian word which symbolises  ‘desire’  is the brainchild of  Ishita K Saxena,
who started with a simple wish of having a holistic wellness ritual for herself.

Arezou’s personalized formulations, carefully crafted by Ishita, delivers the most effective skincare and wellness solutions, powered by Aromatherapy.
Arezou formulations have dual benefits:
Since ancient times, essential oils are used to manage emotions. Their ability to uplift mood and generate a feeling of calm & happiness is well recognized.
The natural, powerful properties of essential oils are useful for promoting clean, smooth, and healthy-looking skin. There are many characteristics of essential oils that make them useful for skin, including cleansing properties.

Why Arezou


Beings that are as mystical as they are powerful, often journey through life’s chapters, neglecting their well-being or masking issues rather than addressing their root causes.

All they need is a gentle partner by their side, reminding them to take care of themselves.

To address this, Arezou was created with a mission to empower women, urging them to prioritize self-care in order and celebrate themselves.

We provide luxurious and rewarding Self-Care experiences with dual benefits:-


Discover the Timeless Elixir of Emotions: Essential Oils have Profound Ability to

uplift mood and induce a sense of serenity and joy.


Experience the Radiance of Naturally Glowing Skin 
by harnessing the Potent and Nurturing Properties of Essential Oils for Deep Cleansing and Nourishment.


Come Join us on this Aromatic Journey








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Love from Our Community


    IT Professional

    "Nothing suited me like Arezou Cleanser" I have been struggling with oily skin for a long time now and so have tried numerous soaps and face wash to help my skin. But nothing suited me like Arezou soap. My skin feels so much better now and even though the soap clears the oil, it doesn't make my skin dry. Main reason why it works for me is that the soap is customized according to my skin. It is not a generic soap which will suit all. It is created after understanding my skin and it's problems. Therefore, it fights the issue my skin has been facing making it so much better.



      "A Natural product specially designed for my skin" Hey Team Arezou...I’ve been using the Arezou Face Oil recommended by you guys and totally loving it....i feel so happy that i have a natural product especially designed for my skin....and now I don’t need to use any kind of a face cream/mask etc...my skin feels brighter and leas patchy...exactly what i was looking for....thank you soooo much


        Research Professional

        "I absolutely love Arezou" I absolutely love Arezou. Using it's face cleanser, body cleanser and face oil. I was worried about ageing marks on my face... My skin has become radiant, healthier and more supple. I feel like touching my skin again and again. Thank you Arezou!


          House Wife

          "I highly recommend Arezou face oils" Recently, face oils became very popular in the market but I was extremely hesitant in trying one. Then I came across Arezou face oils and I decided to give it a try only because it was customized according to my skin. It worked wonders for me. I highly recommend Arezou face oils. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

          Jyoti Shalabh Prakash
            Jyoti Shalabh Prakash


            "I highly recommend Arezou" Thank for blessing me with fresh n lively skin. Your products are natural and is taking good care of my skin. Before ordering I was skeptical about the outcomes but trust me i am so happy with the results that I myself can't imagine that after all I found just the right one for my sensitive skin type..... I must admit that I love washing my face again n again because it has an amazing aroma. Looking forward to order one more soon.

            Pramod Saxena
              Pramod Saxena

              Retd From HAL

              "Arezou shaving soaps making shaving very easy" I have been using Arezou natural shaving soap since 2 months now and it has made shaving very easy for me. It has good shaving froth and makes the hair very soft so the blade just slides through!!


                MakeUp Artist

                "Arezou is the best" Everyone's skin is different and requires a unique routine and Arezou was customized as per my skin and routine. I have been using this everyday for some time now. The results have been fantastic, my skin is fresher and clearer than has ever been...As a makeup artist I even mix it in my foundation which gives me a very sheer glowy finish. I am so glad I came across Arezou ❤️ thank you



                  "Amazing experience with Arezou" Bespoke- customised oil just for me. Loved the oil in luxurious looking bottle with an exotic fragrance. I wanted an oil which would make my skin glow and help ease the blemishes with an exotic fragrance. Ishita understood my requirements, skin type and what would work for me and the fragrance choice and voila created a magic potion. I enjoy putting it on my skin. Just 2 drops rejuvenate me.


                    HR Professional

                    "Arezou has the best range of products" For long I was looking for skincare products who are natural,like in today's world it is difficult to find one,since I believe sticking to home remedies,at first I was little apprehensive but when I used the products from Arezou..it took sometime to adapt into my skin but eventually the results were awesome..so I am a big fan of this brand now..😊



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